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Health Advice Therapy is Evidence-Based advice. Natural therapy online. Empowering people to help themselves. Providing the self-help pathway to the Pain Relief Lifestyle and the Pain Relief Diet. It's time to help your community heal itself one person at a time.

We bring love of life. We all want it better and we all want it longer. This is the way. Imagine finally realizing your vision of the ultimate success.

 Dr. Ouellette's Wellness Program

  Eliminate frustrations, obstacles, misconceptions, procrastinations. Gain the missing ingredients.
Learn Optimal Health Secrets. A health system for the right care, at the right time, in the right place.
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  • Your Optimal Health Number is your Wellness Score, found at the bottom of the page on Dr. Ouellette'sWellness Progress Chart. You get your Progress Chart by taking Dr. Ouellette's Wellness Web Assessment, the Canadian Holistic Online Consultation at
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  • Our wellness Progress Chart givee 38 numbers indivating your level of optimal health including a Grand Overall Optimal Health Score.
  • The initial cost to start yourself off is just $9.95. You pay that on Loging in at
  • Dr. Ouellette's Red-Yellow Optimal Health PLAN
  • See our video now.
  • We promise you a longer life. If you don't live a longer life, then we will give you your money back. But, you are the only one who can collect it. Now that we have your attention!
  • We provide two wellness services.
  • Plan for the Health of Ontario Residents and Canadians in General.
  • In the present health care system of disease care dominated by the medical profession, it is difficult to get a professional opinion that is not influenced by large drug corporation decisions
  • Professional level health advice that people can use to improve things in their life is what most people are looking for.
  • Buy to gain the benefits of science from an experienced health care practitioner.
  • Why do you need our help at Health Advice
  • Page one sets your primary goals and your secondary goals. Page two measures the Five Pillars ...
  • We use a thorough holistic online consultation Wellness Analysis to gain information from ...
  • Like other health care professions, chiropractors vary quite a lot. Differing levels of undergraduate schooling, graduate schooling, post graduate training, and differing healing philosophies, mean you need to choose your chiropractor carefully.
  • Nutrition therapy is most commonly either ignored or just not thought of by medical doctors.
  • Correcting spinal mechanics and limb mechanics can help you heal from injuries.
  • LASERs, and other light therapy instruments, have been shown to have a place in boosting quick healing.
  • Dr. Ouellette would be happy to provide second opinions on the following.
  • Acupoint therapy is the process of using needles, light, LASER, electricity or other forms of acupoint stimulation.
  • Natural pain relief encompasses several methodologies from diet modification, to nutrition supplements, to exercise and lifestyle modifications.
  • We provide emergency chiropractic care, weekends and holidays as available to people within driving distance from our office. Our chiropractic care is accompanied with photo therapy, electrical therapy and nutrition therapy for fast boosted relief at one low cost.
  • Emergency Facilities and a Better Way Our Diseased Health Care System
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  • Canadian Lifestyle Health Care is a web site providing natural pain relief and optimal health secrets.
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