Pain, Chronic, Acute

Chronic Pain
The roadway to optimal health wellness.

  1. Proper medical assessment and treatment
  2. Effective self help assessment
  3. Get on the roadway to the pain relief lifestyle and optimal health wellness by taking a workshop with Dr. Victor Jean Ouellette.

Self Help Assessment

  • Find out how closely your diet matches Dr. Ouellette’s Pain Relief Diet.
  • Three basic starting questions are

– Are you avoiding foods that make pain worse?
– Are you eating foods that make pain better?
– Are you doing gentle pain relieving exercises within your tolerance levels to improve blood flow?

Take the Canadian Holistic Online Consultation questionnaire to get a Pain Relief Diet assessment, body pain assessment, and lifestyle assessment. That is your starting point. It’s just like the initial consultation in a doctor’s office except it covers more specialties.

Get On the Roadway to Optimal Health Wellness
Take an online Health Advice Therapy Workshop with Dr. Ouellette and obtain your consultation Report of Findings and Action Plan. You will have direct contact with Dr. Ouellette and can ask any questions you like either over the internet or over the telephone. Fine tune your knowledge and behaviours for optimal health wellness.

Acute Pain
Acute pain comes on fast and severe, often from and injury or from straining a degeneration. People need one-on-one help with this. In the Burlington, Hamilton, Oakville area of Southern Ontario we offer that help in a relaxed home office clinic setting. Send us an email for an appointment time. There are five categories of services that will be helpful. You can choose one or all of them.

  1. Spinal Manipulation Therapy
    • Science based chiropractic care
  2. Photo Therapy
    • LASER and Super Luminous Diode light therapy
  3. Electro Acupuncture Therapy
    • Acupuncture needles with connected acupuncture electricity protocols
  4. Deep Fibre Therapy
    • Finger pressure on tight and sore muscles.
  5. Health Advice Therapy
    • Education on the Pain Relief Diet, the Pain Relief Lifestyle and Optimal Health Secrets

People don’t expect a magic secret formula to magically take pain away. Drug companies do that but, of course, they have a lot of unwanted side effects as most people know. The natural way is to learn how to use food, exercise and other secrets to gain improvements.
Send an email to learn how to get started.
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15 thoughts on “Pain, Chronic, Acute

  1. I really seem to agree with every aspect that was in fact put into writing throughout “Pain, Chronic,
    Acute | Health Advice Therapy Blog”. Thank you for all of the tips.

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    myself. It’s vеry educаtional
    and уou’re simply clearly really well-informed in this region. You have popped my sight to be able to numerous views on this kind of matter along with interesting and solid content material.

  3. I got what you intend, regards for posting .Woh I am lucky to find this website through google. “Food is the most primitive form of comfort.” by Sheila Graham.

  4. I have never had any back problems bofree but right after an auto accident I have been having persistent lower back pain. Pain that affects the way I move, how long I sit, lifting 10+ pounds, etc. I had a MRI done which showed mild arthritis inflamation, other than that MRI is normally. They are referring me to pain management b/c the pain is intense, I usually lose 1 to 3 days a week from the pain. This doesn’t seem right to me, why would I just start hurting like this? Thanks.Also, my entire lower back is tender to the touch, if someone hugs me and their fingers touch certain spots of my lower back very painful!!!

  5. A squash friend asked me about medial knee pain that came on during squash play. First a proper assessment is required. That may entail a history, physical exam and some special tests like X-Rays, Dynamic Sonogram, and MRI.
    Once the Cruciate and Collateral ligaments are assesses and eliminated as thne cause then some conditions that are often overlooked are Knee Plica syndrome and Pes Anserine Bursitis. See my links on my professional web site links page at the following web site.

    • Background info: I’m 23 years old female. I inuerjd my back about 7 or 8 years ago, I got whiplash from a bucking horse. They think I tore muscles and ligaments in my lower back, nothing was broken for the X-rays. I did physical therapy (PT) for it for about 6 months. About 3 weeks ago I found out that my left leg is about 3 cm longer than my right and could be causing some of my back pain. Oh and I have consent lower back pain. About 1 year ago in March I was diagnosed with lateral tracking of the patella on my right knee. I did 6 months of PT for it and I’m back in PT for it and have been doing it for a month and half. I got an MRI and it was clean, nothing torn or broken. The surgeon says I definitely have knee pain but the cause of it is unknown and surgery right now is not a option. I can’t run, go up or down stairs with out pain, sitting or standing for a long time hurts, driving hurts sometimes, I cant put all or some of my weight on it. I get a burning pain in the inside of knee, it makes a popping feeling, and on the top outer ledge of it. I’m going to go see an orthopedic spine surgeon this week, but this would be doctor number 4 that I have seen for my knee. I really just want to run again and have someone tell me that they know why I’m in so much pain. I can deal with the back pain b/c that never stopped me from running, riding, or got in the way of my life but my knee has. So if anyone can give me clues or help me out with this I would greatly appreciate it. If anyone knows of a Dr. House for knees please let me know!

      • The problems you have indicated appear to be multifactorial. If you visit a chiropractor near where you live then you may get some of the mechanical issues dealt with. You may also have nutritional issues as well at the same time. To deal with those I suggest that you take the Canadian Holistic Online Consultation at This is Dr. Ouellette’s Optimal Health Wellness Workup Assessment. When you have completed that online assessment then you can take one of Dr. Ouellette’s online Optimal Health Wellness Workshops. The workshops will help you work through various issues including the Pain Relief Diet.

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