A Note from the Doctor

Caught Up
Why are we caught up in this terribly expensive health care industry?
Why do we have no real TEAM on our side?
Is there a solution for us, hope for us?

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March 23, 2012
By Dr. Victor Jean Ouellette, DC, MS, DNM, RNP, Cert. Acup.

The dominance of the mind-set that the medical people are rightfully the proper gatekeepers of a healthy health care system belies the fact that they are in fact, the gatekeepers of the disease care system. It does not matter how much they claim evidence-based medicine is the be all and end all in health care, they continue to practice, in actuality, a medicine-based disease-care system. The evidence-base is a tiny part of the medical system we have today.

The almost complete control of the disease care system by organized medicine means the solution to high costs will never be attained because it is in the best interest of the medical establishment to leave  people in a state of disease. They do this in a devious subtle way by continually reminding us that they are evidence-based (they are not), while demanding that their drugs are the solution to most all problems. They say this because a pharmaceutical company has taken a tiny point and made a drug for that one issue. The evidence for that one drug for that one issue is there, but that drug is almost never given, in the practical world, for that one issue all by itself.

In spite of the smoke and mirrors that organized medicine has the welfare of the community at heart, the fact of the matter is that they do not. Rather they have their own well fare at heart and will attack any system that dares to confront them. In spite of proving only one percent of their interventions conclusively, they maintain they are the best at making guesses on health care even though they control, monopolize, promulgate a disease care system predicated on drugs and surgery.

So why do we tolerate it?

One reason is the infiltration of politics by the medical system, and the pharmaceutical lobbies, that use the medical doctors as pushers of their drugs. Politicians need consultants to inform them and make recommendations to them. The shift and loss of political leaders on a regular basis leads to a system whereby the loudest voice and the most money will win the day with politicians. Thus, the medical system with the pharmaceutical companies, are entrenched in their positions and will not be dislodged easily.

The media focusses on the dramatics of lifesaving procedures and current research that has not been vetted sufficiently. This leaves us all wanting the new things and the new procedures as soon as they come out. Unfortunately for us, new things are expensive. We are beholden to the medical establishment to give us the proper testing for whatever ails us, while the medical establishment is hesitant on offering anything new. They are hesitant because they do not want to be sued. That’s understandable on their part. Leaving our entire health care up to the medical establishment is not understandable and is not a wise thing for an individual to do for many reasons. People need a team. They need alternative and complimentary health care providers on their team provided these providers have a scientific background to their ideology.

So, is there hope for us?

Yes, an emphatic yes. We can take control of our lives ourselves if we set our individual mind set to a self-help mode. We can learn a process that designs a plan for us and provides the actions we need to move toward optimal health and wellness. The lead comes from science, not medical disease science, but health science. Remember, medical science is really disease care.

It is the application of ourselves, into our own health care team, that is the individual solution for each of us. It is time to help the community heal itself one person at a time, starting with ourselves. We each need a team. Yes, organized medicine would be part of that team. We just have to recognise their weaknesses and their biases. We need to be on our own healthy health care team. This web site provides a solution on how you can get started in an inexpensive way. Your first step is to learn about yourself. People need to find out where they are at with their life behaviours and then they need to have a clear action plan to move forward. Our web site provides that start for a very reasonable fee.

It is time to help the community heal itself one person at a time, starting with ourselves.

People who are of the opinion that they should not have to pay any fee to get health care will have to remain with the medical system and struggle with the disease-care mind-set. Those people who want an inexpensive way to get started on a plan they can work on themselves, will find that here. There is also an opportunity to actually earn money at home by becoming a Health Agent. People who are interested in selling can pursue that opportunity on their own.They just have to contact us and ask how.

People who are interested in helping themselves along the roadway to optimal health and wellness, who are interested in learning about the Pain Relief Diet  and the Pain Relief Lifestyle, should click on the link below then sign up for the Canadian Holistic Online Consultation.




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  1. Hi! I just wanted to ask if you ever have any trouble with hackers? My last blog (wordpress) was hacked and I ended up losing a few months of hard work due to no data backup. Do you have any solutions to stop hackers?

    • You would be best served by searching on the internet for anti hacker solutions. I have not been hacked but I get a lot of spam and posts that are off topic for this blog.

  2. I personally blog also and I’m crafting a thing comparable to
    this particular post, “A Note from the Doctor | Health Advice Therapy Blog”.
    Do you really mind in the event that I personallyuse a lot of of your
    personal suggestions? Thanks ,Neil

    • Well, yes we do mind Neil.
      There is a professional level process whereby one gives journalistic credit to those who first talk about new concepts.
      In order for you to use our concepts and words you would need to quote our words and then give our blog source as a reference so people can view the original source.
      This allows people to screen out plagiarism and ensures that your concepts do not plagiarize or distort the original words.
      So if you make it clear that you are quoting us and also give our URL as a source reference then yes, you can use our words.

      And remember, there is ample precedent set in law on the process of just changing a few words and then claiming it as your own so, don’t fall into that trap either. The more people involved with teaching healthy health care, the better it is for all of us, as we see it.

      Best wishes,

    • I have been diagnosed with some very mild ashmta and have been under A LOT of stress lately- brought on by my health concerns. My dad had a heart attack when he was 30. Doctors ruled out acid reflux and heartburn. I have constantly had a very hard time getting a deep breath for the past 6 months. It feels like I’m not getting enough air in. I would appreciate any ideas or help. Let me know if you need further clarification.

      • I am not sure what you are trying to achieve here. You must know that you cannot get a diagnosis online. Licensed health care providers is where you should be going for help. If you want to learn how to help yourself then you can take the Canadian Holistic Online Consultation web assessment to find out what your 38 scores are. If your Pain Relief Diet screening scores are low then you can take a workshop and learn how to raise those scores.

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