Next Step Wellness

What’s the next step wellness priority?
What is your next step in the pursuit of wellness?

Is it nutrition, the Pain Relief Diet, exercise, aerobic capacity, strength, interval training, spinal health, rest & relaxation, attitude & perspective in life? Can these be measured online?

How do people know what to do next? Do they read it in the newspaper? Do they search for it online? Do they ask their medical doctor? Do they ask their chiropractor? They are liable to get 4 different answers. Then what do they do? We have built a system for people to grade themselves so they can see where, how, and when they are improving toward the optimal health and wellness goal.

We give people their wellness numbers and set priorities for them based on the current science of the day. For $9.95 get Dr. Ouellette’s 38 wellness numbers and find out where you stand on the optimal health scale.

Many people want direct contact with the doctor. You can get that connection by taking a wellness web workshops. Contact for information.


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