Getting healthy and staying healthy

Here’s the thing. Your body doe not just ‘stay healthy’. It can heal yes, but it has to be KEPT healthy. Keeping healthy is where all the problems come in. Lets put aside the nature nurture issue because the rest of your life is going to be governed primarily from the nurture side of the equation. Blaming your genes on everything will only lead you astray and into a shortened life. We are here to help you NURTURE the rest of your life.

Emergency Pain Relief the Natural Way
If you are not getting relief FAST enough with your present health efforts, then contact us for our expert manual medicine program designed for those who can get to our office. We offer a fabulous Health Amplification program by stimulating the emission of healing. Nine treatments all at the same time on the same visit as needed by your condition. The best of the best in manual medicine.

If you live too far away to come to our office then you can take the Canadian Holistic Online Consultation, a wonderful online optimal health web assessment located at After that you can take a Health Advice Therapy Workshop to get expert help and fine tune how you can help yourself. You’ll learn all about the Pain Relief Lifestyle and the Pain Relief Diet.

This blog is here for people to ask questions. Ask us about our manual medicine Health Amplification program or our online Health Advice Therapy program. Once we know your optimal health numbers we can advise you effectively. Get your numbers at

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