Health Advice Therapy

Getting the Pain Relief Lifestyle (Diet) and/or Optimal Health Secrets is a two step process. The steps are the same whether you are interested in natural pain relief or optimal health and wellness.  By natural pain relief we mean pain relief with no drugs. You will need to find out what your optimal health numbers are at this time in your life. You will need to find out where you stand on the optimal health scale.

Step #1:

Take Dr. Ouellette’s Wellness Assessment the Canadian Holistic Online Consultation to obtain your optimal health scores.

This online consultation will give you 38 numbers, some red flagged, some yellow flagged, that represent where you are right now. With those scores you can work on your own, or purchase one of Dr. Ouellette’s Optimal Health Pain Relief Diet Wellness Workshops.

Step #2:

Purchase an Optimal Health, Pain Relief Diet Workshop. You will get:

  1. Registration
  2. A 35 page consultation Report of Findings
  3. The workshop manual Dr. Ouellette’s Pain Relief Diet Manual
  4. Workshop time directly with Dr. Ouellette

Once you take Dr. Ouellette’s Wellness Assessment, the Canadian Holistic Online Consultation, you will be contacted about the workshops.Your first step is to get your numbers and find out what your Overall Optimal Health Score number is.

This blog is a forum for people to discuss how they can help their community heal by helping themselves with Optimal Health Secrets that include the Pain Relief Lifestyle and the Pain Relief Diet.



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    • Yes, I do. I’m happy with my health coarvege. I cover myself and have the money to do it. I don’t want to pay a tax penalty to cover somebody else. I’ve had check ups, and 3 ER visits and paid it all myself.

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        From Management: This web site is not designed for people to give advice to each other. We discourage untrained advice and have set a protocol to help people achieve Action Plan items that science has shown to be valid.

        Our focus is on helping people help themselves. People who are seeking a roadway to the natural Pain Relief Lifestyle and/or Optimal Health Secrets, are shown a way to get started by taking a thorough online optimal health wellness assessment designed by Dr. Ouellette. From there they can proceed to helping themselves or they can take Dr. Ouellette’s online Optimal Health Wellness Workshop directly with Dr. Victor Jean Ouellette, DC, MS, DNM, RNP, Cert. Acup.

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    • Thank you for your interest. Are you having some health issues that you would like to discuss?

      Health Advice Therapy is designed to measure your level of optimal health on 38 score levels. Your Red Flagged scores tell you what you should work on first and your Yellow Flagged scores tell you what to work on when all your Red Flagged scores are fixed.

  8. Thank you robin for another great wokorut, I always leave with such an incredible amount of energy I just want to spread around! I go to work the next day feeling like I can conquer anything that comes my way! Before I started working with you I always hated to wokorut and I have realized it is exactly what you need to do when you want to look great (and eat right) . Its not found in any magic pill(I have tried them all) it just takes determination, something you have truly helped me with, your the greatest! Luv you, love the wokoruts, just love how I feel! Thank you sooooo much, your awesome!

  9. The Five Laws of Healthy Health Care
    By Dr. Victor Jean Ouellette, DC, MS, DNM, RNP, Cert. Acup. May 8, 2012

    First healthy health care is NOT disease care offered by traditional western medicine.
    Optimal Health Secrets teaches and measures these five laws in clients.
    – – – – – – –

    Healthy Health Care Law #1
    Nutrition is of prime importance as food is the fuel of the body. Bad fuel means bad performance.

    Healthy Health Care Law #2
    Blood flow is how the body maintains itself and heals itself. Exercise is the primary means the body has to maintain the shunting of blood to all parts of the body.

    Healthy Health Care Law #3
    Spinal health is undeniably of prime importance to good mechanical functioning of the body. When spinal health goes bad, all manner of problems set in.

    Healthy Health Care Law #4
    The primary way the body heals is through rest and relaxation. The body is not made to function on a continuous basis. Partitioning UP-Time with rest & relaxation is the fourth law of Healthy Health Care.

    Healthy Health Care Law #5
    Sustaining healthy health, as opposed to absence of disease concepts of medical terminology, requires a self sustaining mechanism that perpetuates health. We call that mechanism Attitude and Perspective in life.

    – – – – – – –

    To measure your behaviours and lifestyle against these five laws, take the Canadian Holistic Online Consultation by signing up on web site.

    To improve your scores on the Optimal Health Progress Chart delivered by the online consultation you should purchase a Health Advice Therapy Workshop that you can take in your own home over the internet.

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  10. Health and the Point of No Return
    Parking and Un-Parking
    April 21, 2012 By Dr. Victor Jean Ouellette, DC, MS, DNM, RNP, Cert. Acup.

    A lot of people don’t recognise when they are approaching the point of no return in their health. Some don’t even know when they reach the point of no return. Education is the main reason for this failure. Various warning signs are built into our bodies, but many people ignore these signs. Many take on the belief in a mind-set that the body can heal anything. It cannot.

    After a person reaches the point of no return they generally enter the disease care system. Quite often it is too late by that time. The body has marvellous recovery options, but many times the body is left in a little less that perfect mode, to put it delicately. Sometimes functions are lost. Sometimes limbs are lost. The body can still go on, and can still be productive, but the mind has to be trained to come along. Everyone can meet that training, everyone can achieve. There is good reason for optimism.

    Parking the mind somewhere else while the body does it’s healing thing is sometimes necessary. There are many ways to park the mind. Parking the body, on the other hand, is most always a bad idea. Body inactivity leads to more inactivity and then decay.

    So, un-park the body and park the mind. Do this before the point of no return is reached. Find out what your Optimal Health Numbers are. Not your disease numbers, like blood pressure or cholesterol, or diabetes score etc. Your Optimal Health Secrets numbers are the ones you want to know. There is now an easy inexpensive way to find out how you stack up. Its anonymous. You choose a secret code name for yourself. You can find out in your own home no matter where you live.

    And, your starting point is….. Take the Canadian Holistic Online Consultation today at

    Health Advice Therapy can help you along the roadway to optimal health hand wellness.

  11. Health Advice Therapy
    In Sickness and In Health
    Building your healthy health care team

    What is the best health advice when you are sick?
    That would be, to follow the science.

    Medical doctors are an important part of your healthy health care team when you are sick. They are disease care specialists. Medical doctors are not so good with healthy health care though. But, they do try to follow science, the science of sickness.

    So, what is the best health care advice when you are not sick?
    That would be, to follow the science.

    Funny how that is. It would be a different science though, from that of sickness. It would be the science of ‘healthy’ that you would follow.

    It would seem that it all comes down to science. But, science has a flaw. Science is not complete. Science flows in little spurts. As a community we are left with the experience of people to fill in the blanks that science leaves. That experience is called ‘best professional opinion’. Of course, best professional opinion is flawed as well because it comes from people, people with biases, people with professional biases too. That is why it is good to have more than just medical doctors on your healthy health care team. Adding extra professions makes your team more healthy.

    Health Advice Therapy provides a thorough online consultation to start you off, just like medical doctors and chiropractors do. You take that consultation over the internet in your home. It’s called the Canadian Holistic Online Consultation. The consultation will sift through your behaviours and lifestyles pointing you in the direction of science. It costs just $9.95 and will provide you with a results score sheet called the Consultation Progress Chart that lists 38 numbers about you, each out of 100, that represent your level of optimal health according to the science of today. You should focus on any red flagged items and yellow flagged items. To find out what the online consultation says about you take the inexpensive, anonymous, Canadian Holistic Online Consultation today at

    • I have been to Doctors off and on for the past 3 years, spent countless hours havnig tests done, waiting for Doctors and getting many diagnoses. After accumulating thousands of dollars in medical bills, I still had severe stomach pain. I was diagnosed with IBS and Gastroparesis but nothing the Doctors did or prescribed helped with the pain. Six weeks ago I went to Abba; willing to try anything to help with the debilitating pain. I was a non-believer in acupuncture and honestly didn’t think it would help but was desperate. During my first treatment, Abba explained what she was going to do and proceeded in applying the needles. The pain left my body that very night! Following the appointment, I had a full week without pain for the first time in over 3 years! Over the past six weeks I have seen Abba four times and have been without pain. I can enjoy my life once again!! I would recommend Abba and her acupuncture treatment to anyone needing relief from pain. She is a miracle worker!!

  12. More recent research is pointing toward evidence that obese women have a higher risk of having autistic children. This is scary given the tremendous costs to the family and the health care system when they have to deal with the outcome of autistic children. Dealing with obesity before a woman becomes pregnant is key. We can help provide both motivation and mentoring no matter where a client lives. We can start a pre-pregnancy MOT-MENT program.
    MOT-MENT means Motivation and Mentoring.

    The other demographic of middle aged and elderly people, presents the community with additional problems with regard to heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and osteoporosis. To lower risks people need motivation and mentoring. Just simply giving people information has not worked in the past and there is no reason to suppose it will be any more successful in the future no matter how much marketing money is thrown at it. Our approach is different and unique.

    Our solution is a one-on-one workshop, the Optimal Health Secrets MOT-MENT Workshop. People sign up by taking the Canadian Holistic Online Consultation at We will contact them about the Optimal Health Secrets MOT-MENT Workshops.

    If you have any questions as to how we can help you then please Reply in this blog.

  13. Greening Yourself

    There’s lots of talk about greening your home, greening your garden, greening your workplace and greening your playplace. What about yourself? Can we green ourselves? The answer is yes in more ways than one. We could start by cleaning our food, then cleaning our blood. Then we would progress to cleaning our attitude and cleaning our mind. First we need a plan. A quick start plan is available at that provides 38 numbers that represent where a person is on the optimal health, or as one might call it, the green continuum. It is easy to see where to start.

    The Food
    Striping obvious junk foods out of the diet is a lot harder than one might think. The reason is that junk food is designed to set off addiction pathways that keep us coming back for more. Solving the problem is not as simple as telling yourself not to eat that junk anymore. When the craving hits we fall back to our old routines. A solution lies in substituting other foods. The best place to start is with colourful fruits and vegetables. Most people know this already and know that those colourings in the peelings and the flesh have healing properties, heart disease prevention properties and cancer prevention properties. Having fruits and vegetables ready to eat is part of the trick. People who feel they need more intense help can avail themselves of the services of Health Advice Therapy at

    The Blood
    Greening (cleaning) the blood is not so obvious. What you need to know is that the liver, kidneys and intestines function together to clean the blood. We have a natural detoxification system built in. The liver is the master detoxifyer. Just give it good food and good blood flow and it works like a charm. The kidneys need good hydration. That means lots of water. Not junk water like in soda beverages, but good water. Coupled with the water, give yourself extra fibre. That fibre helps the intestines stay happy. The liver dumps waste into the intestines so keeping them happy with fibre goes a long way to keeping the blood clean.

    The blood flow problem is solved with exercise. Research is showing that different types of exercises have different effects on the body. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is the best for weight loss. It is also the best to clean the blood because it raises the heart beat so fast that it pushes blood into all the nooks and crannies that it does not reach when we are sedentary. It pushes more blood through the liver and the kidneys too, and that helps keep the blood clean.

    If people want more help on healthy exercise they can contact us for Health Advice Therapy.

  14. The Five Major BAD Behaviours for Your Health

    There are five behaviours that are generally considered to have lots of evidence to indicate they are bad for people and will shorten one’s life. They may also cause a lot of suffering too.

    1. Smoking
    2. Alcohol consumption beyond one drink a day or two drinks a week
    3. Pood Diet
    4. Sedentary lifestyle
    5. Stress

    Okay, most everybody knows about those. The problem is that if we leave people on their own with this knowledge then we know they will be notorious with failure. The evidence for failure is pretty clear. What with our population getting sicker and our medical costs going up, and New Years resolutions only lasting 6 weeks or less, a new solution is needed.

    The solution we provide is a one-on-one connection to put a lifestyle plan into effect that measures a person for optimal health and then provides a method to improve the numbers. People have the choice to work on their own, or seek our help to improve their health and raise their optimal health scores.

    Smoking is an addiction issue and as such we recommend people contact appropriate health care providers to deal with this problem. Alcohol can also be an addiction issue, or it can be more of a habitual issue associated with a learned culture. Again, we recommend people contact appropriate health care providers to deal with this problem.

    The other three bad behaviours are lifestyle issues, however, they can be changed with an approach that starts small and chips away until a longer happier life is achieved.

    The Five Pillars of Optimal Health Secrets are 1. Nutrition, 2. Exercise, 3. Spinal Health, 4. Rest and Relaxation, 5. Attitude and perspective in life.

    Each of these pillars lead people to less pain in their life and a more optimal healthy life. To get started one need to knows where one falls in the optimal health continuum. To find your numbers take the Canadian Holistic Online Consultation at

  15. The Ethics of Immortality
    By Dr. Victor Jean Ouellette, DC, MS, DNM, RNP, Cert. Acup.
    March 31, 2012

    Dr Marcia Sokolowski (clinical ethisist and codirector at Baycrest Centre for Geriatric Care in Toronto) has indicated that “… quality of life varies and depends on a person’s views and religious beliefs.” [Hamilton Spectator, Saturday March 31, 2012 Live to 1,000, page WR2]

    We agree, however, we also believe that all concerns about global resource availability, and equitable distribution, etc., will not be determined by human intellectual prescription. They will be determined by the laws of Might-Makes-Right, the animal survival process. In order to over come this purely animal response, we need to strip away both the religious overview and the political overview if we are going to move forward in our understanding of what will happen as we near the ImmortalityDate, the date on which the human race (or more likely a portion of the human race) gain immortality. It’s the ‘portion’ part that really scares us. Both religion and politics are infused with both animalistic thinking and animalistic behaviour. That is why they need to be striped out of ethics thinking.

    Spoiler Alert
    [Those people who have vested interest in a religious point of view should stop reading at this point lest they burst an artery in their head or loose a nights sleep tonight.]
    The four major aspects of animal behaviour common to most all animal species, including the human one, are lying, stealing, killing, and believing that magic is real. Animal behaviour is behaviour that exhibits any of those four behaviours. Human behaviour is behaviour that uses human precognitive thought to negate and overcome all four of those animal behaviours. That is what it means to be human. It is the negating of all those animal behaviours that makes us FULLY human. Most humans never become fully human for a host of reasons, and live and die within their animal behaviour persona. If we are to discuss ethics on HUMAN terms, then we must jettison all animal behaviours. That means we must remove religion from the ethics considerations as religion is clearly a belief in magic.

    Consider these Unwanted Behaviours Jettisoned.
    This is very bold and sure to stir up a great deal of controversy. Concepts surrounding human spirituality are contrived arguments to bolster a viewpoint not found outside the confines of the narrowly initiated.

    Now, we apply the science. There is science on human behaviour, as well and so, we see that humans are also caught in the web of evolution. Evolution does not have a brain. It does not think. Evolution is a process that we observe happening and can validify scientifically. When the ImmortalityDate arrives EVOLUTION will take over. Cataclysm will result. A seismic shift will occur in the human gene pool. Does anyone else see this coming we ask? Will the human species be able to survive this catastrophic hit? It is not necessarily clear that it will. It is not a given that the species will survive this.

    We need discuss the ethics of what that evolution will entail. That should be our focus. The evolution will dictate the resource allocation. Everything, and we mean everything, ties back to the wealthy. The wealthy will dictate the might-makes-right evolution of the species. They will dictate the resource allocation. If we wait for the ImmortalityDate to occur and then realise, oh, we have to deal with this issue,,,,, then, it will be too late because the wealthy will be years ahead, having already seen the writing on the wall, precisely because they are wealthy.

    What will it take?
    Given all the above, and the proclivity of the human race to argue over inconsequential matters like religion, spirituality, or whatever you want to call it, and thus, procrastinate indefinitely, it will take some time for the wealthy to band together. We predict that a group of the wealthy will form an ethics board for the specific, and narrow purpose, of protecting the diversity of the human genetic pool. Yes, we said human. Okay, there, we have said it. We let the Genie out of the bottle. And, no the United Nations will have neither the authority, the fortitude, or the temerity to complete this job given their dysfunctional discombobulated history. This new wealthy group will be fighting, (and we use that term with sadness and remorse that it has to be said at all), fighting against the other wealthy, who will be focussed on garnering the science only for their own progeny and their own close circle of friends.

    We are coming very close to another date that we would call the species FailureDate. That is the date when there is no longer time to work out prudent human ethics before the ImmortalityDate arrives and strikes us in the face. Concepts on human living standards, income generation opportunities, how to help the poor, etc., are ALL going to be rendered obsolete, of no consequence, and completely, utterly, and overwhelmingly irrelevant by the immense overpowering intensity of the immanent arrival of the ImmortalityDate and what that all means.

    Think of the Earth as a jail that will be populated not by just a mere 7 billion people but, by 70 billion people. All in the space of, oh say one person’s lifespan, about 100 of today’s years. What human dynamics are going to be at play at that time? Let’s talk about that for a minute, or a lifetime. Obviously it’s unsustainable.

    Most of us will not have any influence in this looming struggle between the various wealthy groups that will polarize in the future. The average person reading this article, not being in the wealthy group themselves, will have very little influence on these topics. That is unfortunate to have to say, but the laws of evolution point that way. And to be clear, the average person will not have a government, democratic or otherwise, to lobby on their behalf. Governments will be rendered neutered on this particular issue.

    People do have influence over themselves though. People now, have the ability to take steps to learn Optimal Health Secrets. This will give them an opportunity to still be around at the ImmortalityDate point in time.

    This blog and our web site network, are designed to help people stay around longer and, at the same time, we will provide the icing on the cake in that people can learn the Pain Relief Lifestyle and the Pain Relief Diet at the same time. We expect most people reading this article to pass over the philosophising and future predictions to focus on the last little bit where they do have influence. That being influence over themselves to learn to be better, to find the Pain Relief Lifestyle, to live longer, and live happier.

    Yes, we would like comments please.

  16. What are your thoughts on today’s Hamilton Spec’s article
    Pursuing eternal youth?
    Which supplements would you recommend?
    I am very interested on your valued opinion of Betalains Beet Root Extract and
    am eagerly awaiting your response.

    • Thank you Peter for your comment. I read the article earlier in the day. Dr. Rollo has been in the news before some time ago with the same research and pretty much the same formula. Each of the items in his list have considerable amount of research behind them and that is likely how he selected them for his research in the first place.

      The three things that impact us the most with disease are inflammation, oxidation and poor blood flow. Glutathione, the master antioxidant found in virtually every cell in the body, is very poorly absorbed, but two of the items needed by the body to synthesize it, N-Acetyl-Cysteine, and Alpha-Lipoic-Acid are part of his formula. Now add silymarin (Milk Thistle), and L-Glutamine and the body can make its Glutathione. There has been lots of research on all of the ingredients in his list. I note that he did not include dosages in that article. Dosages are important, and need to be in the therapeutic range to be effective. That is why a good credible supplement company is necessary along with a health care professional familiar with optimal nutrition.

      The jury is still out on which supplements are best for longevity. The reason is that the body is incredibly complex and science does not have complete knowledge yet. The oxidative processes are a cascade of events with many nutrients needed at many stages. To get all of them we need a variety of foods and a variety of supplements.

      When it comes to selecting supplements it all depends on what your health issues are at the time, how old you are, and what sex you are. You should start with a high potency multivitamin-multimineral product. To that you add the extra calcium, extra Vitamin D, and extra fish oils. Then you add a good antioxidant like a Glutathione precursor product. If you have food allergy issues or arthritic issues then you add an N-Acetyl Glucosamine product. This is not the sulfated Glucosamine, but the Nitrogenated glucosamine. Always keep in mind that Glucosamine and Glutathione are two separate products used for separate reasons.

      Betalains Beet Root Extract has evidence for helping cancer and cognition. Most everyone rotates beets in their diet on occasion. The trick is to make it ‘more occasional’ in your life.

      The blood flow issue is so important and most people ignore it. Common everyday foods can cause our capillaries to plug up thus reducing, albeit temporarily, the oxygenation of that section of tissues. Exercise helps push that clogged blood along. People just have to learn how to do it right. Exercise, in and of itself, is one part of an anti-cancer regime.

  17. The Pain Relief Diet is a special diet that helps shift body physiology from a pro-inflammatory physiology (pain is worse) to an anti-inflammatory physiology (pain is better), while at the same time allowing the circulatory system to work more efficiently. In other words your circulatory system is ‘unplugged’ to a degree, by both the diet and the diet requirements. The diet reduces the nutritional metabolic strain from foods the human species has not yet adapted to.

    The thing is, it requires people to have an open mind and a willingness to dump old teachings by big pharma, big food marketing boards, and even big governments inundated with the drug and food lobbies. We can help you with that, but you have to be willing to be teachable. You also have to be willing to invest a small amount of money in your self to get started. To start off you will need to invest $9.95 in order to obtain your Optimal Health Numbers. That is not a lot of money, is very reasonable, and is something everybody can afford. To get started you need to click on the Canadian Holistic Online Consultation link.

    We don’t divulge the intricacies of the diet online because we have found that after more than a decade of clinical experience helping people manage pain with these new concepts, people still need extra help, they need one-on-one help. People in crisis pain do remarkably well because they have maximum motivation. After all, they are in crisis. They do everything they are asked. Then they fall away and return in crisis pain again some time later. To interrupt this cycle we have instituted one-on-one Health Workshops.

  18. We have posted a new page on Health Advice Therapy.

    Optimal Health Number

    Your Optimal Health Score
    What is your Optimal Health Number?

    What are your other optimal health numbers?

    When you take the Canadian Holistic Online Consultation over the internet for a very nominal fee, you receive Dr. Ouellette’s Optimal Health Progress Chart the next day. Your Optimal Health Number (your score) is at the bottom.

    The online consultation provides 38 optimal health numbers and one overall grand Optimal Health Number that is a person’s final score.

    There is much thought going into Local Health Units (LHIN’s in Ontario) and why they do not perform. There are solutions offered by some critics that we only have to educate people and things will be okay. Well, those kinds of solutions have not worked in the past, do not work with the mentally ill, or the people hooked on drugs. We can then argue over what constitutes a drug. Does high sugar constitute a drug? Does high caffeine constitute a drug? Yes, cigarettes are drugs all right. Certainly people hooked on hard core drugs are not going to listen to education. They don’t even listen to jail, and one can argue that jail is the highest form of education with great stigma attached. So, the idea that we just need to educate people is not going to work any better that is does now where we spend millions of dollars to educate the public and we end up with a sicker public and a greatly increased cost to our health care system.

    What may work better? We would say the following plan may work better. Create a measuring system that defines optimal health, from the non drug, non surgical/medical point of view, and then providing numbers that give people a sufficient flexibility to choose a prioritization within the parameters provided. This plan would work if there was one additional piece provided. Once a person has their optimal health numbers many also need a one-on-one helping hand to guide them. That helping hand is what Health Advice Therapy is all about. Helping people move at their own speed, at their own level along the roadway to Optimal Health Secrets is the service Health Advice Therapy provides and, people can remain anonymous.

  19. Somebody asked me what the ImmortalityDate is. The ImmortalityDate is the date when Apoptosis drops dead. On that date ALL disease and sicknesses will be solved by science. The trick is to still be alive when that date comes.

    Our web site network is dedicated to helping people stay alive.


  20. Individual choices on how to become more healthy vary widely and are influenced by culture, economic status, and an individual’s perception of one’s self. Overcoming these hurdles requires action at the individual level, one person at a time. The beginning of a community effort would need to address the core issue of measuring optimal health on a volunteer basis one person at a time.

    We are proud to inform that we have started this effort with the Health Advice Therapy web site and the Canadian Holistic Online Consultation.

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