A Bit on Religion Now

Phase I, Introduction
We are going to step into the realm of the politically incorrect conversation now because this realm is tied into Wellness and Optimal Health Secrets. It behoves us to say a little about this topic in order to be inclusive. Our approach is not intended to attack any one, or any organisation. Our approach is purely an intellectual endeavour and not an attempt to parse every nuance.


You will note that we have completed the Five Excessive Consumptions screening form for our in-office patients/clients and our internet web clients as part of our new Wellness Research project. Thus, we should make a small effort to deal with the one Belief Adaption issue of religion, in order to cover more thoroughly the field of Wellness and Chronic Disease Prevention Strategies. We avoid the other 4 Belief Adaptions of politics, sexuality, culture and poverty. Near the end of this essay we will see that trying to stay away from politics, and the other Belief Adaptions, for that matter, may be a losing battle.
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Phase II, The Topic Religion
From the Netflix series 6 on interviews with Joseph Campbell a world expert on myology. The six episode series is called ‘Joseph Campbell and the Power of Myth’.
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The word religion means Re Ligio (which translated roughly means) the linking back in English. Linking the person back to a source. Religion is established as that connecting link to God.

The monster is the thing that breaks all of your standards for harmony and ethical conduct. (The monsters are well depicted in art in most every culture.) The monster is also within us as is God. We are the manifestation of the Divine.

Joseph Campbell

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Religio came into English around the 1200s as religion.
Some argue that regardless of its definition, it is not appropriate to apply the term religion to non-Western cultures. Others argue that using religion on non-western cultures distorts what people do and believe.
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Phase III, Comments
So, from my perspective, the linking back to the God figure was the original purpose of ancient religion and mythology, and supposedly of religion today as well. But, the God is not really a figure and is not really personified in many ancient cultures. The personification can be thought of as an allegory so people can better understand the concept. The God is the unknowable mystery of being. That God is thought of differently in different societies, in different cultures as some sort of transcendency. Some societies consider the God as separate from one’s self in spite of many ancient prophets saying the opposite. Other societies consider the God manifesting as all life, including humans, and not separate from, but contained-within-contained-without, a part of but not a part of,,,, the mystery within.

When we search inwardly for the source of these God concepts I cannot tear myself away from the more modern idea that raising the God idea is an attempt of the human thinking mind to understand the ANIMAL non-thinking human mind that reacts with stimulus-response emotions often with little or no thinking. That emotional mind is the mystery. So, as I see it, the human race has been attempting to understand the human emotional mind and interpreting that mystery as a God figure, simply because this emotional mind is difficult to understand. It is really the human genes that have programmed the person to think this way so it is really the human attempting to understand how it’s own genes are working, particularly the animal genes which convey the emotions.

One might look at the whole God issue in modern times as a Red Herring to distract one from the real issue at hand, the issue of understanding the flow of the animal genes along with the flow of the human genes and their inevitable interactions. After all, the other mammalian species have the exact same animal genes giving the exact same animal emotions, and likely, as we see played out around the world today, the exact same animal emotional stimulus-response mechanisms.

Thus, humans lie, steal, kill and believe magic is real, like other animal species, because that is what is encoded within the animal genes. That is the way the animal kingdom works and humans are part of that animal kingdom. Humans have just given words, different words, to the animal behaviours. The issue of the spiritual is thrown in by the human intellect to explain that which cannot be explained. It’s an intellectual (human thinking) attempt to put words to the mystery, the unknown, the unknowable, to all the events beyond our event horizon of understanding. How do we fault the animal for being well, the animal? We don’t. We show the human side of our gene pool toward them, the compassion, the empathy, the love, the justice.

There are those who rise above the animal. But, that takes courage to go counter to the animal stimulus-response mechanisms. And, further, it takes courage to go counter to the human desire to make MONEY, particularly from the religion experience, the linking back (to the God) experience. And so, we see the ORGANISATION of religions for the purposes of power, money and self-preservation, self-preservation of the organization that is. That organisational need might be thought of as a monster within. Thus, the monster will vary by culture and time, and that monster is within us just as the God is within us.

Dr. Victor Jean Ouellette, DC, MS

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Phase IIII, Speculation
With regard to how war was dampened down in the mid 1600’s Europe by Westphalian sovereignty known as the Peace of Westphalian of 1648, we see that people can come together to end war and agree upon territories. The idea of ‘sovereignty’ came about at that time thus, ending the ongoing might-makes-right warring of those days. At least it temporarily ended it….. for the most part.

This makes us wonder as to how the future billionaires are going to solve the issues of population explosion like never seen before by the human race when immortality is on the verge of becoming ‘immanent’. Immortality WILL be seen ahead of time. It will have it’s harbinger. When it is seen, that will be a time of terrible turmoil for the human race as billionaires position their families for succession in a world with no death from natural means. So,,,,,,, if there is no death from natural means then,,,,,,, will death come from un-natural means????? Will billionaire families gather and agree on death via some TREATY OF THE IMMORTALS of 2151? Will death thus, be structured by some human intellectual process after a short period of return to war-for-power? AND further, might that intellectual process be hampered after the return to family inbreeding as seen in the middle ages, in order to keep the MONEY within the family. At that future date though, it won’t be money that is the issue needing protection. It will likely be the rights to family procreation. Ah, those times of turmoil and vicissitude. Maybe we very well have it easy now days.

Next Step Wellness

What’s the next step wellness priority?
What is your next step in the pursuit of wellness?

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Getting healthy and staying healthy

Here’s the thing. Your body doe not just ‘stay healthy’. It can heal yes, but it has to be KEPT healthy. Keeping healthy is where all the problems come in. Lets put aside the nature nurture issue because the rest of your life is going to be governed primarily from the nurture side of the equation. Blaming your genes on everything will only lead you astray and into a shortened life. We are here to help you NURTURE the rest of your life.

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Squaring the Triangles

Squaring the Triangles
We have two triangles to work with.

To gain wellness we have to learn how to control Decisions, Attitude, and Chance. The Five Pillars of Optimal Health Secrets are a start. We can control all five of them ourselves, and by doing so we get ourselves on the roadway to optimal health and wellness.

Some people might ask how they can control chance. Some might say that attitude is very hard to change. Some might even say that actions are very hard to do when one is in a rut in life. The types of decisions we are talking about are the ones that are turned into actions. Some people might even be running around trying to change the actions and attitude of others, a nigh impossible task. They just don’t know how impossible that is nor how improbable. We control chance by bringing good luck to ourselves and for that we need the decision-action and the attitude.

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The Gluten Free Diet

Gluten free and the cereal grains

The Hamilton Spectator published an article on Wednesday June 27, 2010 page G10, about the gluten free diet going mainstream. A statement by Shelly Case in that article is a little misleading. Shelly Case is a registered dietician who sits on the professional advisory board of the Canadian Celiac Association the article mentions. Her quote is:

“If you don’t have celiac or non-celiac gluten sensitivity, there’s really no benefit to cutting out whole grains.”
Shelly Case

We would disagree with that statement. It is clear that this statement is coming from someone trained in the medical model only. Things are much more complex than that. Lets update our knowledge a bit on the optimally healthy body and food.

Argument #1
We would say that cereals grains are not good because they are acid forming foods. When we get sick we generally become more acidic due to the sickness. The types of foods that we should be eating at that time would be the more alkaline forming ones like fruits and vegetables. Likewise meats and most nuts are acid forming. So when we are sick, eliminating whole grains IS beneficial.

Argument #2
When we are in pain we also want our bodies to become more alkaline, and we want to switch to more Omega 3 type foods as well. The cereal grains are more of the Omega 6 variety and thus, NOT good for us when we are in pain. When we are in pain, eliminating whole grains IS beneficial.

Argument #3
Cereals grains, whole or not, are newer foods in the human food chain. It is very doubtful that we have acquired the genetic machinery to deal effectively with these foods in the last 10,000 years that these grains have been available to us. If we want a highly efficient metabolic system then eliminating cereals grains IS beneficial.

Argument #4
Cereal grains are pervasive in our food chain and represent a very high portion of the Calories we consume. Cutting them out reduces Calories considerably. When we recall that the LESS we eat (as long as we stay properly nourished), then the longer we will live, then it makes doubly good sense to cut out the cereal grains on that point alone. We can get the fibre and B vitamins from other sources. From the anti aging point of view, eliminating cereal grains would be beneficial. In all reality though, that does not happen because of the pervasiveness of wheat based foods. If we want to loose weight, or live a long time, then eliminating cereals grains IS beneficial.

Argument #5
Our immune system can do without the hit that the sugars added to wheat based foods delivers to our bodies. Just think of donuts, wheat fried in oil, often with sugar both inside and outside, and it becomes more clear. Sure it tastes good. But, is it healthy? It is not known how our body systems react when these unproven foods enter our blood stream either partially digested or completely undigested. Is there a subtle plugging of our tiny capillaries by these cereals grains? How about from our immune system’s attack on these foods? When we get the flue and our digestive system lets in more undigested food-stuff, does that cereal grain food-stuff attack more organs than just the small intestines? If we want to age slower and degenerate slower then eliminating cereals grains IS beneficial.

In Summary
From the point of view of just living better it makes sense to try a gluten free diet for a period of time. AND, we recommend that those people who would like to experiment with this type of a diet should follow all lessons in the Pain Relief Diet because it is such a healthy diet that it may catch things that a simple gluten free diet misses. If we are looking for Optimal Health Fitness, a type of fitness that goes beyond physical fitness, then eliminating certain entire food families is reasonable. There is a way to test it in your self, and over a period of time, come to some conclusions whether or not these food ideas are best for you.

Health Advice Therapy

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