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Emergency Facilities and a Better Way
Our Diseased Health Care System

Essay by Dr. Victor Jean Ouellette, DC, MS, DNM, RNP, Cert. Acup.
March 14, 2012

As we have all witnessed there is a tremendous use of both emergency facilities and medical disease care in general. We are hesitant to call it health care. Our community has been inundated with the message that medical doctors have the solution to all our ailments and oh, by the way, they are free too. All you have to do is go to them to get these services for free. And, we should add, these services, these surgeries, these drugs are all terribly expensive, but they are mostly all free. So, someone must be paying somewhere right?

When one looks at the past history of this so called health care industry and then projects to the near future, we can see that the vast majority of disease problems are lifestyle related in one way or another. Combine that with the astounding fact that organized medicine has conclusive scientific proof for only about one percent of their medical interventions, then we see that there is something else going on that is not talked about very much at all.

Medical doctors function almost exclusively on what is called medical best opinion. In other words, they guess. They claim their guess is a professional guess and is thus, better than anyone else’s guess. Ah, if only that were so. The fact that the medical profession has infiltrated politics and secured an inside seat to control surgery and drugs means that all other alternatives are squeezed out.

We are seeing that a perfect storm is brewing that is unrecognized by traditional medicine and governments. Poor diet combined with poor blood flow, a passive drug culture that makes it ok to take drugs, illicit or medically prescribed, and a mind-set of passive help that is readily available and free, makes for a continually worsening spiral into the oblivion of the cost-hole.

The cost-hole is the real problem. The thing is, the infiltration of politics by medicine prevents that cost-hole from being filled. The food industry lobby is huge and powerful. They put millions of dollars into convincing people that their foods are good for everyone. What if that is not true? What if some common foods are actually poisons to many people. What if the line that governments have been told about food is actually not true for a lot of people? Then a lot of people are getting sick and staying sick partly because of what they eat. Doesn't that seem to be what is happening? Well, the science is pretty clear. Many people get sick because of food. It’s an epidemic. But, food is only one of the keys. There are more.

The Better Way
There is a way to start on the roadway to recovery. Tackle all the perfect store issues. Take significant money from the medical disease care system and put it toward an Optimal Health Secrets system. Teach people the secrets of the food-pain connection. Teach people the secrets of a Smart Active lifestyle. Start to ban the idea that passive health care is okay. Start to counter the mind-set that drugs are the solution to everything. Launch a new program to build a culture of Self-Help. Get knowledge through numbers one person at a time. Use guidance through science, offer connection through workshops, deliver rescue form crisis pain via natural self-help procedures and strategies that are inexpensive.

All of this is available right now but it seems the medical infiltration into politics is so secure that all competing alternatives are dismissed. The only solution is people power.

People must demand the secrets that science shows are available. People must demand a new culture of self-help predicated on the science of numbers. It is time to measure optimal health and put a number to it. Tell the medical drug pundits to stay out of it. They are of no help in securing optimal health because optimal health means you don’t need the drug culture.

Health Advice Therapy
To get to optimal health we need a start. The start has been produced. It is called Health Advice Therapy and is available to anyone over the internet. The small start up fee is within everyone’s budget. The Canadian Holistic Online Consultation is the starting point.

Our culture must shift toward people helping themselves if we are going to see any kind of significant reduction in health care costs. Here is a novel suggestion. Why not tie all health care union raises and medical doctor payments directly to taxes. Rather than put the blame of tax increases on the shoulders of politicians, put it on the shoulders of those who are causing the increase in taxes, the medical ‘health’ disease care system. I guess one could say it is really a diseased health care system isn’t it?

There is a better way. We have the start to a new powerful evolution. We are evolving away from the medical disease care system toward a healthy health care system, a real health care system not some misnomer name because politicians do not like the sound of the term disease care. Healthy health care, that’s what we want.

Let’s get started on healthy health care.

Dr. Victor Jean Ouellette
Dr. Ouellette is a licenced chiropractor practicing in East Hamilton and Burlington Ontario